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“life isn’t about finding yourself. life is about creating yourself.”

george bernard shaw


tree of life

“change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.”

victor hugo

the stunning new yankees stadium

view from a bike ride through riverside park

the intimidating intrepid on the west side highway

a garden in riverside park

doug + mike starn’s exhibit ‘big bambu’ on the roof of the metropolitan art museum

glorious light shining through the halls of the met

views from the met rooftop sculpture garden

according to the new york times, several of salvador dali’s works ‘are currently on display next to a disheveled tie rack at a salvation army family thrift store in a seedy industrial neighborhood’ of houston:

[from wooster collective]

living in london you forget how de-sensitised you become to the noise, pollution and general chaos that whips around you while you go on about your daily business. after 6 weeks in australia – two of which were spent on the idyllic, sun-kissed shores of the great barrier reef – re-immersion into the big smoke was an audio-visual-olfactory onslaught.

pic from wired UK

in just the week since returning, i witnessed a fire in soho that took about 70 firemen to extinguish, saw the street by my office get cordoned off with police tape after someone got hit by a car and either died or broke a leg no one’s quite sure, accidentally stepped in someone’s rejected late-night kebab, and got my toes stamped on HARD twice on different buses.

but i also hopped on a boat down the thames to see a pet shop boys and little boots gig, perused sculptures of inflatable toys at the serpentine, had a late-night dinner with girlfriends, went to a hip hop circus on the south bank, danced into the night in a friend’s garden after playing pass the parcel and beating a pinata into oblivion, spent a sunday submerged in three papers, and saw a fella selling cardboard ice cream cones out of a cardboard ice cream van in crouch end.

it’s good to be home.


i scream, you scream, we all scream for...cardboard?