i’ve been doodling a lot lately. according to the bbc, it’s an expression of the subconscious mind. well, that explains it. i’m trying to sort a lot of stuff out and i’m channeling it through scrawls and scribbles. 

but apparently, drawing in the centre of a page suggests attention-seeking extroversion…


trees without leaves indicate isolation…


and portraits can mean self-idealisation…


oh dear.

i’d rather associate myself with these guys:

In published compilations of their materials, numerous historical figures have left behind doodles. Erasmus drew comical faces in the margins of his manuscripts and John Keats drew flowers in his medical note-books during lectures. Ralph Waldo Emerson, as a student at Harvard, decorated his composition books with somber, classical doodles, such as ornamental scrolls. In one place, he sketched a man whose feet have been bitten off by a great fish swimming nearby and added the caption, “My feet are gone. I am a fish. Yes, I am a fish!” (from wikipedia)