see a trend here? either i have really bad luck traveling or i have superhuman meteorological powers. i like to think it’s the latter.

so i’ll keep this short and sweet. apparently, london had one of the hottest, sunniest weekends ever. in sydney, it was rainy and cold. to that i say feh! you can still have a great time! try this:

1. shop like mad. i ❤ the boutiques of william st. especially the corner shop, which stocks label lovers’ marc jacobs, alexander wang and opening ceremony but also quirky accessories from emerging designers.


2. eat sushi. try toko after a marathon shop up oxford street in paddington. simple, fresh and uncomplicated. just like it should be.


3. take a stroll in sydney’s hyde park. the trees are so lush they’re like umbrellas (even in winter).


4. take the ferry to manly. great views even if it’s pouring.


5. climb the sydney harbour bridge. or just watch the insanity from afar. why you’d want to climb 400 feet in the air in pouring rain is a bit beyond me.


6. go sailing. loads of people do it rain or shine.


7. or just kick back and watch the view.


8. have a late lunch at manly ocean beach house overlooking the surf.


9. read the paper overlooking the surf.


10. take your time finishing lunch overlooking the surf.


11. enjoy the journey. even if it is just a ferry.