on tuesday, i hopped on the 6.56pm train from london bridge to the sea to see legendary cuban  band orquesta aragón cha-cha-charm the pants of a full house at the brighton dome. loved the old-school big band style – strings, piano, flute, percussion – with all members of the 16-piece troupe dressed to the nines in white suits. apparently it’s their 70th anniversary. thanks to my pal joe coyne at fat sand productions, who sponsored the brighton festival event, for the invite.




so, not a bad way to spend a tuesday night. i like brighton. it’s like the coney island of london. vibrant nightlife, creativity, culture, music…all with a slight freaky circus side show vibe. we stayed at the funky fresh myhotel around the corner on jubilee street. loved the design of the place…




17 jubilee st
brighton, BN1
01273 900 300        
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