i’m no art critic. my evaluation of a work is less intellectual assessment, more visceral reaction. when i go to an exhibit, i usually sweep the whole space to get a sense of the collection, then go back to the individual pieces that i was drawn to for a closer look. after that, i’ll read the narrative for context. counter intuitive, but it works for me.

so here’s my review of german artist thomas bayrle’s exhibition ‘i’ve a feeling we’re not in kansas any more’ at the MACBA: whoa.



a cross of politically-charged conceptual art and pop art, your perceptions of reality are tested by photo and 16mm film collages, digital animations, cardboard sculptures, paint ‘machines’ containing millions of little figures and, best of all, a vast wallpapered room of colourful patterns that morph into anatomically correct cartoon figures upon closer inspection (and the entire ramp in the MACBA foyer is wallpapered with potato counters in maoist china).



the sheer volume of detailed works made me wonder how he ever slept. every single piece drew me in. it was mesmerising. and left me feeling like a bit of an underachiever…

check out a rather more sophisticated review of the exhibition here and read the narrative from the exhibition (if only to see the editor’s notes that the museum apparently missed in tracked changes oops) here.