one of my favourite boutiques in london, labour of love is like a detour into a 30s berlin cabaret via my grandmother’s attic. retro modern dresses, gothic costume jewelry, shiny jazz shoes, irreverent fairy tale books, quirky tea cups…there are so many well-selected items that it takes ages to peruse this tiny shop. 


i picked up a 40s style wash day dress with delicate velvet polka dots and gorgeous detailing on the sleeves and pockets by polish-born designer bea szenfeld–a label you basically can’t find outside of sweden. i also bought a grey leather mimi satchel and a pearly white peforated shoulder bag by bena.

i’ve always wanted to own a boutique just like this: a place where you can find high-end edgy designers to invest in but also pop in for an unusual gift or impulse buy for under a 100 pounds. retail at its most therapeutic.